Siding Accessories

We offer high-performance siding accessories designed for strength, durability and the ultimate in protection and worry-free maintenance for your home

  • Original Series Siding
  • Third Wave Series
  • Over Air Barrier
Ventilation Accessories

We offer a wide variety of superior quality ventilation products including gable vents, utility vents and accessories to finish your home in style

  • Decorative Gale Vents
  • Original Series Ventilation
  • Screened Plastic Mini Louver
Vinyl Handrail Accessories

The ultimate cover for wooden railings and fence tops is made durable, waterproof pvc. Our patented ribbing system allows for air circulation which prevents moisture damage to the covered wood

  • Vinyl Handrail Accessories

  • Vinyl Handrail Cover

Featured Products

Check out our impressive range of featured products to choose from at Siding Mounts! From basement vents to vsa light to a dryer vent vinyl siding mounting block (which can be a mouthful!), we have a huge range of products ready and able to enhance the look and comfortability of your home. In compliance with morrison hershfield limited and gable enterprises, Siding Mounts has proudly served North America with unparalleled customer service and products to choose from.

At Siding Mounts, we are committed to ensuring your home remains a safe and happy place. Believe it or not, vinyl siding dryer vents filled with lint and debris are a major contributor to house fires. So, if you are a new homeowner or are looking to upgrade your homes necessary components, then consider finding out more about our products at Siding Mounts. It is better to be safe and precautious when it comes to the construction of your home.

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We specialize in products that facilitate penetrations through the air barrier. We want to provide you with the best performing product to look great and resist the elements and protect the building from moisture intrusion. Looking for covers for wood railings? We have you covered there too. How can we be of service?