Surface Series Block

“Add A Light” Double 5” Bevel


Surface Series Block

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All of us at Siding Mounts understand the importance of your home. We are homeowners too, and we settle for only the highest quality and best-looking products we can find. Cladding is all too often either ugly or does not function as it is intended to, which will cause myriad problems down the road. When we design our products, we keep the homeowner in mind. We want your home to be beautiful and safe from potential problems, so we designed state of the art siding that ensure moisture and insects do not come back to bite you years from now. You can rest assured there will be no structural problems with our high-quality siding mounts.

The Surface Series Block is our “add a light” Double 5” Bevel. If you are standing around outside your home and thinking to yourself, I can’t see my yard. You probably need a couple lights. Lights are great for being able to move around without tripping on things laying around, or just for general safety, but you cannot just put a light in. The Surface Series Block is designed to house a light properly, meaning it can be cut to the shape of any light you wish to install. The Surface Block Series can be installed easily and without hassle. They look great for any light you are thinking of putting in outside, and they are made from high quality materials.

This “add a light” surface mount mounting block comes in multiple siding styles including Bevel: Double 5”, double 4.5”, double 4”, triple 3”, plus a Dutch Lap. You are certain to find exactly what you need with one of these available dimensions and styles. If you are thinking to yourself your home needs a little more spice, this is a great place to start. The Surface Block Series are one of our most popular series and they have been impressing homeowners since we started up shop. Order a few now to see what all the fuss is about! You will be the talk of your neighbourhood!