Octagon Gable Vent - 22”

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Octagon Gable Vent - 22"

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The cladding on a home not only determines look and aesthetics, but functions as protection against the elements. Like so many homeowners have already discovered, mold can compromise the structural integrity of a building. We understand the problems that can arise from having cheap cladding on your home, so we made high-quality products that not only perform their intended function, but also look absolutely stunning on your home!

Octagon Gable Vent – 22” is a decorative gable vent that comes in a beautiful white to add some neutral highlights to whatever colour your home is. Whether your home is painted dark green or a creamy beige, the Octagon Gable Vent will look fantastic! All the round gable vents include a decorative drip channel that is ideal for rain screen applications. It functions to funnel the water out and over the exterior finish of the house. We designed this gable to include weeping holes which act to prevent condensation or moisture from getting trapped inside. If you do not already know, trapped moisture or condensation is a huge problem. It can cause permanent damage to your home, due to the fact it creates an environment ideal for mold to form. When we designed the Octagon Gable Vent, we designed it with a molded-in screen which prevents pesky insects from nesting. Nesting insects are often a leading problem for homeowners due to the fact they eat away at the foundation. With our molded-in screen, insects do not stand a chance! They cannot get in to eat anything, or nest. The large rear angle allows for easy washing, and peel-and-stick application. We design our products to be functional, stylish, and made with the homeowner in mind. There is a reason contractors love our products!

Octagon Gable Vent – 22” comes in one colour: white. Also available in a smaller size. It is a very lightweight product but is designed and built with materials meant to withstand time and whatever elements nature throws your way. Rest assured your home will not only look amazing but will also be safe from problems thanks to our high-quality design at Siding Mounts!