401 Basement Vent

Surface mounting wall vent.


401 Basement Vent

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All of us at Siding Mounts understand the importance of your home. We are homeowners too, and we settle for only the highest quality and best-looking products we can find. Cladding is all too often either ugly or does not function as it is intended to, which will cause myriad problems down the road. When we design our products, we keep the homeowner in mind. We want your home to be beautiful and safe from potential problems. You can rest assured there will be no structural problems with our high-quality siding mounts.

  • The 401 Basement Vent is a surface mounting wall vent. It is 16” x 9” open to close. As far as application goes, it is ideal for siding or stucco. Basement vents provide an influx of clean, fresh air, which in turn inhibits mold and mildew growth. Mold is a leading problem in many homes and can be disastrous to the structural integrity of your house. With the 401 Basement Vent, you can rest assured your basement will have the proper ventilation to prevent any moisture problems or water leaks. The basement is not an area you want to neglect as it receives generally less sun than the ground level and upper level areas of your home, so it can become a problem quickly if it is not properly attended to. It is one of our most popular products due to its functionality and aesthetically good looks.

The 401 Basement Vent comes in a choice of four different colours: A classic white, a beautiful dark brown, a nice neutral beige, and a great grey. It has a net free area of 36.6 Sq inches and will be an absolutely perfect addition to your home! Find out why we are trusted across the nation by homeowners and contractors alike by hitting the add to cart button now! You will be thanking yourself you did when you install it in your home.