about Siding Mounts

Cladding creates the finish on a home, and determines the ultimate look and aesthetic. Cladding also is the first defense against the elements. Rain, snow, ice and wind will cause a building to grow mold, rot, and become unsafe. When the structure is compromised by mold, it ultimately falls apart. Mold in homes is causing chronic illness for residents. Generally, cladding by design are pretty good at keeping moisture out. When problems occur, it is usually at penetrations though the cladding. We need these penetrations so we can have exterior lights, electrical outlets, water faucets, dryer vents, bathroom vents, Range hood exhaust vents, fresh air returns, and many other features to make our homes function. In order to keep out moisture at penetrations it is crucial to install the best performing siding mounts and vents to protect the structure that is generally our biggest investment.

Siding Mounts is your expert source for Siding Mounts, Vents and Vinyl Handrail Covers for wood railings. We are committed to providing the highest quality products for the best price, while creating a great customer experience by giving excellent service to our customers.